Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We're living next to a State Park!

It's official, the Selangor State Park is a reality! 91,441-hectares of forests, stretching from the Selangor side of Fraser's Hill, down to Ulu Yam, behind the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge, all the way to Hulu Langat. That's bigger than tiny Singapore island. It's the second largest park in Peninsular Malaysia, after Taman Negara. Home to numerous flora and fauna. The source of most of the Klang Valley's water. It's all protected.

And it's right outside our doorsteps.

Proof again that the hardwork and persistance of Ampang residents does really pay off. Congratulations to all parties involved in this massive and important undertaking -- the Selangor government, Selangor town and country planning unit, Selangor forestry department, all the NGOs, scientists and legal advisors. And a special shout-out to TrEES, who's first office in Taman Melawati at the base of the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge, started this ball rolling in the first place.


freelunch2020 said...

wow. congrats.

Titien said...

While this is good news, I fail to see the need for the gratuitous "tiny Singapore island" remark.