Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Favourite Eating Spots in Ampang

I keep on coming back to the following restaurants/stalls for the food, ambience and people. In no particular order:

Thaba's - fantastic North Indian food. Fish masala is great as is the eggplant dish.
La Risata - good Italian at a reasonable price
Pizzeria Uno - fantastic pizzas. home delivery available, only if they're in the mood
Burger stall right across Hawaii barber in Ampang Jaya - extra mayo, extra coleslaw
Restoran Murni next to 7-Eleven (Roti Boom area) - nasi lemak and roti canai in the mornings
Nali's Corner - try the rendang sandwiches

I promise to update this list.

Yet another condo development in Ampang

If you live in Ampang Jaya, Ukay Heights or Taman TAR, you must have seen those banners placed right across the SPCA and Roti Boom stalls protesting the constuction of a 25-storey condomunium in the area.

Details on this project are rather sketchy. I did see a small article about this in the papers. It's quite a major project if I can recall: 25-storey building, shopping mall, etc. And apparently it's an MPAJ project, so I don't know if we will be able to pull the brakes on this one.

Currently, the site is occupied by "squatters." Sure the makeshift wooden homes are an eyesore but do we really need to "develop" the area?

As it is, there's too much traffic along Jalan Kolam Air Lama, especially during rush hour. There's not enough street parking for the current population. And look at what a mess the Ampang Point area is in. We don't need that chaos right outside our front door.

Yes, provide the "squatters" with better housing alternatives BUT don't develop the area. Turn it into a green lung instead complete with football field and children's playground.

What do you all feel about this? I haven't ventured deep into the area where the condo is supposed to be built so I don't know what else the land has to offer.

Anyone knows how to get more details of the project? Or know how to contact those people who put up the protest banners?

Welcome to Ampangsville

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