Monday, December 20, 2004

Ampang hills to make way for hillside development

Just a couple of weeks after the Highlands Towers Tragedy's 11th Year Anniversary, a developer has put in a submission to clear the beautiful green hills in Ampang and put up homes on its steep slopes. This time around its an over 60-acre development bordering Ukay Heights and Taman TAR. Apart from the obvious environmental, safety and security concerns for all residents living in the area, the project will bring an additional 800-1200 cars onto the already clogged Jalan Kolam Air Lama.

How did this project get approved after the government put a halt on all hillslope development? How is it that only the residents of the Taman Hijau apartments were invited by MPAJ to lodge their objection to this project when it clearly will effect so many more Ampang residents? How many more landslide tragedies do we need before the authorities and developers clean up their act?