Saturday, February 03, 2007

Site of destruction

The hill slopes referred to as Lot 1680, 1681, 530 and 531 which Panaroma Skyline/MAA proposes to clear and level in order to build 152 bungalows, 520 shop lots, a 10 storey building and a two storey car park.

Can't decipher the bird's eye view of Ukay Heights? The southern border of the red box runs from the former Selangor Properties apartments -- now redeveloped and named Puncak Ukay and Bayu Ukay -- all the way to Taman Hijau. The apartment blocks on the right border of the proposed development are the Mutiara Heights apartments in Taman TAR. That's the Middle Ring Road (Jalan Ulu Klang) on the left border.

And just a few hundred metres north of the red box (not in picture) is Highland Towers.

Entrance to this new development will probably be from Jalan Ulu Klang, right before the SMART showroom and Honda service centre. But access roads during the period of construction would most probably cut through the Ukay Heights and Dataran Ukay neighborhoods. Expect a lot of lorries, dust, traffic and potholes all the way down to the Ampang Jaya/Ukay Heights turn-off on Jalan Kolam Air Lama.

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Background on Ampang hillslope development, here and here .

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Fardux said...


Are people aware of another high rise development in Ukay Hts area which is soon to take place on the narrow 2 acre lot currently occupied by Tamarind Hill Restaurant? If you visit Tamarind Hill at lunch time, you can look down and see how steeply the land slopes down towards the Hindu Temple on Ulu Klang Road. MPAJ recently approved (in spite of objections) a plan to build 3 high rise condo blocks of 11 stories each with land clearance due to start in middle of this year. There were a number of letters in the press some months back high lighting this problem.