Monday, August 22, 2005

MPAJ Aduan (Complaint) Website

Need mosquito fogging in your neighborhood? Clogged drains? Contruction work going on at night? Just click onto this website to put in your complaints, air your greivances, offer feedback, etc. and MPAJ will get onto it.

You'll have to register but it's worth it. Someone from MPAJ calls me within a day to look into my matters.


shadana said...

My name is ES Ang. I am staying along Jalan Perdana 2/10, Pandan Perdana. Not long ago my neighbour`s daughter on leaving for work early in the morning at around 0630 was set upon by two men the moment she opened her front gate. She suffered bruises as she fell and her handbag was snatched from her. She now is fearful when she goes to work in the morning. Directly in front of her house (No. 42)is an electrical post number 10915 2A. We the residents living near and around this lamp post along Jln. Perdana 2/10 would wish to appeal to MPAJ to instal a light to this particular lamp post to light up the area so that hopefully thieves will be deterred from operating in this area. We hope MPAJ will sympathise with us and view our request favourably. Thank you.

Amps said...

shadana, please lodge your complaint at the MPAJ website