Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dataran Ukay RA starts petition campaign

The Dataran Ukay Residents Association, who first alerted me about the proposed developments in Ukay Heights at a gathering at Kelab Darul Ehsan late last year, have distributed letters throughout the Ukay Heights area urging residents to send in their written objection to MPAJ.

The letter contains several important details, such as the actual lot number of one of the proposed projects as well as an indication of what kind of development it will be (200 condo units, 42 3-storey bungalows, 8 3-storey terraced houses, 41 3-storey townhouses and 41 4-6 storey shoplots).

There is also mention of the developer, Harta Villa Sdn Bhd.

The letter from the Residents Association advises that: -

"Your objections should mention:

1. That you have not been formally notified of the proposals and insist on proper notification.

2. That you strongly object to the creation of access to Lot 378 via Jalan Teberau 1, 2 & 3. And Lot 378 has extensive frontage to the Middle Ring Road and the developer should access the development directly and exclusively from the Middle Ring Road, which has the capacity to handle the traffic.

3. Developers need to invest the community and provide information. In this case:

- No proper plans (including elevation etc) of the revised development plan for the site appear to have been made public
- No traffic impact study has been done or at any rate made available.

4. Any other ground of objection you have - which could include that Lot 378 is high density multi-storey development (350 units!) of a very steep hill slope, with all which will entail massive earthworks and slope engineering work, again to the detriment of neighboring properties."

All objections should be signed and addressed, with your own name and address, to:

Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya (MPAJ)
Tingkat 11 Menara MPAJ
Jalan Pandan Utama, Pandan Indah
55100 Ampang
(ATTN: Pengarah, Town & Planning Dept., Encik Awang Mustapha bin Md Yunus)

I urge all concerned residents of Ampang to send in their objections, even if you've sent the one I posted earlier regarding the need of a local plan in Ampang.

The Dataran Ukay RA will be setting up an eGroup soon. I will post details when I get them.

(If you're a member of the Dataran Ukay RA, please post a comment with your contact details so we can work together for the protection of our neighborhood).


9T9 said...

Good site for Ampang and Ukays people. Pls add me as one of your petition members. Anything, appreciate if you can update me.

Amps said...

Thanks for the kind words. As far as the petition is concerned, you will have to personally send/mail your objections to MPAJ. Please feel free to use the letter I've written regarding the local plan.

mocto said...

Hi amps, I not a member of the Ukay Heights RA, but am on a loose distribution list of some active members. How can we contact you directly to co-ordinate efforts etc? Meet at the Bakery?

PS thanks for posting the flyer I distributed in the lorong lee hin neo area! Another will be going out tonight for the development next to Lot 378, Namely PT 1680 etc.